How to Properly Resign from your Company

Resigning from your current employer and quitting your job is not something to take on lightly. It can leave you in a awkward position both financially and emotionally. It can also affect your career if you do not properly plan your resignation.

There maybe many reasons why you are thinking of resigning but regardless of all your reasons, what you should know is that there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Your resignation letter and in-person conversations with your immediate manager should contain as many of the following elements as possible.

1. Have a discussion with your Boss

Whats important to remember here is that you should always keep all communication positive, or at the very least, neutral. Do not be emotional specially when discussing the reasons why you are contemplating to leave the organization.

Fact is that most companies tend to take the comments/feedback of your managers over job candidates when checking reference or conducting background checks.

Maintain professionalism always. Never “burn bridges” with anyone in the company specially with your supervisor/immediate managers. Make your resignation discussion short and simple.

2. Be Appreciative of being part of the Company

Start off by expressing your sincere gratitude for the opportunity to grow in your current role , learn new skills , acquire valuable experience and be able to work well with your colleagues.

3. Commit to Help during Transition

Your employer not to mention your work mates would appreciate the fact that you will not leave your work or assigned task “hanging” and that your committed to have a proper turn-over and train your replacement.

4. Provide proper Notice Period. By practice, your notice period can be as short as 2 weeks or as long as 45 Days depending on your role in the company. Whats important is that you give ample time for the company to find your replacement and have proper transition period. Whats important is to indicate a specific date for your expected last day of work.

5. Prepare to Leave

Before resigning, be sure to back up and save any documents, filed and projects that belongs to you. Understand that your employer might ask you to pack up your things immediately and cut off electronic access to documents. Be prepared to surrender all company assets that was endorsed to you.

6. Complete the Clearance Process

Every organization has their own exit process. Make sure you are fully aware of it and understand the procedure and the expected time lines. You should know the Departments or people who will be involved in the processing and completing your clearance from the company.

7. Ask for Recommendation and Person for Reference

It is always good for you to ask for a positive written recommendation letter or a letter of introduction in return from your employer. You must also ask permission from your immediate manager or team members that you will be using them as employment /character reference with your next company.






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